Customized, Made-to-order and Special Aluminum Sections

We specialize in the extrusion of customized, made-to-order and special sections. We can create aluminum extrusions that are an exact fit for your requirements and follow your design specifications. The process involves the following:

1. Design

We'll discuss the design and specification of your extrusion and section based on your product measurements and technical drawing. Precise measurments should be provided.

2. Die Making

Our expert die makers will make a die based on your technical specifications. The die will be used as the mold to extrude your customized aluminum section.

3. Sample Making

A sample of your section is produced at our factory and is sent to you for review and approval. Revisions and potential problems are discussed and adjusted, if any.

4. Production and Extrusion

Upon approval of the sample, your section is extruded and produced to the volume you desire. The sections are also cut to the length needed.

5. Finishing

We then apply the desired surface finish to your product in order to protect it from the elements and make them beautiful. See our available surface finishes.